We offer a variety of video production services. Our commitment to efficiency, allows us to work with your budget by offering different levels of services without compromising quality.

Actions and items: market research, script breakdown, concept design, location plan, cast, format specifications, and add-ons (website, photography, animations, music creation and renders)


Now we are in the set so every second counts, expect  high quality footage,  excellent time and management skills and attention to detail. 


Actions and items: script, equipment, agenda and crew. Full HD or UHD (4K) footage are available according to your needs.


It's time to put everything together. Get the final product 5-7 business days after the shoot. The difference between us and other companies? We will give you 2 free revisions at no additional cost.

Actions and items: editing (graphics and animations available upon request), audio and video correction, FX, client feedback and final delivery in the format agreed on the terms. 



We are a young Video Marketing Production Company located in the Boston area. InFocus Media Lab creates compelling footage that connect your brand with your target or niche market. For us creating video is  not only about shooting and editing; we will work directly with your marketing and/or business development and PR team so we can make sure your business needs are taken care of.


To learn more about our services, contact us at (617) 386-9522 and (617) 840-3711



We are a  Video Marketing Production Company located in the Boston area. For us creating video is  not only about shooting and editing, that is why we include market research services in the pre-production phase. Alternatively, we  work directly with your marketing, business development and/or PR team. 

InFocus Media Lab creates compelling footage that effectively connects your brand with your target  market.




We will meet with your team to assess your needs. Then, we will propose an idea based on industry, customer research and your budget. The final result: a video that will keep your costumer coming back to your brand. See what our clients are saying!


Cut your closing timeline, enhance your development efforts, and highlight your community with minimal effort. Rendering, photography and a compelling website can be added to the mix. Ask about our bundle packages for brokers and agents.


The tech and manufacturing world is a little bit different, our video services can help condense relevant information so you can better communicate your mission to investors, final consumers and or strategic partners. Book a free consultation today to learn how InFocus Media Lab can help you thrive.


Content creators have a great deal of responsibility. InFocus Media Lab takes some weight of your shoulders by creating supporting materials for your  personal brand. 


We offer services geared tours those looking to highlight the connection between their own services and their communities. We serve a variety of clients in the tourism, academia, non-profit and government sector. Formats available: mini series, mini documental, and promo videos.


We will help you create a unique value proposition so your content doesn't get lost in a sea of marketers. According to Insivia over 50% of professionals stated that videos  are the type of content with the best ROI. 


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